Restoration progress

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Latest progress report
(from our project manager)

Due to museum preparations for a display to mark the beginning of the First World War and other events in 2014, the restoration space used by Project North Star was taken over by other museum projects, and most work on the North Star was suspended.  However, some limited work did continue.

Nr 3 Engine

Work on Engine 3 was halted for several weeks in early 2014, but has now resumed on a reduced work schedule.  Most accessories are now installed, and soon the cowl panels will be fitted.  It is expected that Engine 3 will be installed late this spring or early summer, so that work can begin on removing and restoring Engine 4.

This downtime also offered the opportunity for the engine crew to clean and re-organize the engine shop.


While restoration work in the shop could not be continued, we used the opportunity to install the crew seats and other restored items to the cockpit.  The pilot seat was installed (first officer seat was installed last year) then the railings and safety board were installed behind the seats.  Next we installed the radio officer and navigator tables, and the seats for these positions.  The radio officer seat proved to be a particular challenge, as the floor in this area is no longer flat, and some modifications to the seat rails were necessary to allow the seat to slide.  Finally the flight engineer's jump seat was attached to the railing.  With five crew seats installed, the cockpit is very cramped.

The cockpit installations were finished off by installing the curtains, crew oxygen hoses, and a morse code key at the radio position.

Crew Lounge, Galley and Forward Washroom

The floor under this section was repaired by removing a section of badly corroded "I" beam and fabricating a new one from several pieces of aluminum which were riveted in place to support the floor.  Once this repair was completed, new cushion flooring was cut and glued to the crew lounge and the washroom floor, then various pieces of floor trim were installed.  To install the crew seat, it was necessary to remove the lower support section, since the fully assembled seat could not easily fit through the narrow doorway.  Once the seat was installed, we added the crew table and bunk bed, along with the secure storage box.  We also installed the curtain rod and new curtains to close off the bunk bed. The installation was finished off by re-installing the door between the lounge and the main cabin, so that this fully restored area can be protected from dust and debris while the main cabin undergoes restoration over the next two years. 

The completion of the forward area of the aircraft marks a significant milestone in the restoration of the North Star.

Planned Restoration Work – 2014

Some limited work is being done to remove fittings and wall panels from the main cabin, in preparation for some major restoration work this summer.  Fabric work on the troop seats is nearing completion, although the seats will not be installed until all work on the main cabin is complete.  We hope to resume a full work schedule by June, with the aircraft outside once more.

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